Unraveled Crime

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Unfortunately, there are cases that are hard to be solved. No matter how hard the policemen try to get into the trace of the criminals, sometimes it seems that it is impossible! However, maybe not right away, but after a while, justice will get everyone. Police officers Ashley and Mark, together with their colleagues, come to the abandoned part of the city marine. They suspect that here are hidden the key evidences about a big group of criminals that uses this marine for smuggling valuable objects. The police officers will start their investigation by searching the whole place, hoping that they will find what they search for in this exact place. That will make the whole investigation mich easier and the next step will be catching the smugglers. Let’s visit the marine, together with Ashley, Mark and their colleagues, and search for the pieces of evidence. Perhaps the investigation won’t be that smooth, but we believe in your intuition and we know that it would be easy for you to get into the trace of the criminals.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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