Evidence Files

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Although according to some logic, all the documents in the police station, as well as all the documents handled by lawyers and judges, should be in the best order, due to the delicacy of the whole thing, sometimes things can get out of control and make a real mess. And if there is such a mess, it is expected that they will get lost or at least be left in some corner. On the other hand, the absence of certain documents can take the investigation in a completely different direction and even put someone innocent behind bars.A tough trial is coming up soon, and some things have gotten out of hand. Officer Kenneth has the task of finding forgotten evidence in the police archive which is very important for the painful trial. Kenneth does not know where the evidence is, nor does he know where to look for it. He Knows just that those documents are in some red folders, which doesn\'t make things much easier because he still has to search the entire archive, only that he will recognize them more easily by their color. Let\'s see what it is about and help him.

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