Island Intrigue

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Something terrible happened at a resort in Tunisia. This resort is widely known as a safe place for everyone, but what happened upset everyone there. Namely, a child was kidnapped from the resort. The reasons for the child\'s kidnapping may be countless, but for now, there are no clues that would lead to the truth about what actually happened and where that child can be. The police are called immediately and Carol, along with Officer Timothy, comes immediately to the scene of the crime. They are here with a clear mission, to find out who kidnapped the child and where he is at the moment. The authorities received an anonymous call from the kidnapper, but the call was too short for them to locate him. The situation is very difficult, so it must be reacted immediately. Let\'s help the two professionals in their mission to find out where the kidnapped child is as soon as possible and get him out of there unharmed. We need to be extremely quick, so let\'s start the investigation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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