Eternal Wisdom

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People say that wisdom comes with age and probably this is right because every year in our lives comes with many new experiences and challenges that need to be solved. As older we are, as clever we become and that\'s why older people need to be respected, they know a lot!Sharon\'s grand grandfather was known as a very wise man. She has heard many stories about him and he has always been a role model for her. Willing to get some of the eternal wisdom of her grand grandfather, Sharon arrives at his old house. Besides the fact that Sharon\'s grand grandfather was a very wise man, he also wanted to make riddles. Now when Sharon is in his house, she would like to find all of his riddles that are hidden somewhere in the house and solve them. she believes that that way she will get at least some of his wisdom, wisdom that seem to be eternal.Let\'s help Sharon and take a look at these riddles. Maybe we will also have some benefit from them and learn something wise. Don\'t waste our time, activate our clever brains and let\'s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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