Vampire House

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Emily loves visiting her grandmother. Her grandmother lives in the village, so it\'s always very refreshing for her to go there and enjoy all the natural beauties. On the other hand, there is something rather unusual in that village, something that scares everyone that lives there.It is about a house that has been avoided by everyone in the village because there is a legend that says that this house is actually a vampire\'s house. You may imagine all these people, living in constant fear of the vampires that live so close to them, but Emily has always been brave, braver than most people.One night, this girl has decided to visit the vampire house and check out on her own, if there is truth in the story about the house. you may think that this girl is taking a huge risk, and she probably is, but on the other hand, no one has been that brave and that prepared to take such a risk.We know that we can do something in this situation and that is to help Emily fulfill her plan but to keep her safe at the same time. Let\'s watch Emily\'s back and see what is going on in the vampire\'s house.

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