Crime Report

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The two detectives. Carol and Brian, get an anonymous call from a person who reports criminal in his street. Namely, for him as a worried neighbor, is not the same to see how someone is robbing the houses in his street every day. He is worried about the neighbors but also he is worried about himself because the robbers can choose his house to be their next stop. After the call, Carol and Brian come to the place of crime, to start their investigation. They will have check out all the houses that have been robbed already, looking for some evidences about the crimes. Also, they will be looking for something that can give them a clue and direction for their next steps, hopping that they could predict the future moves of the criminals. Now it\'s also up to us, to help the detectives in their investigation. Let\'s search the whole neighborhood like real pros and see how we can help. Everyone who lives there will be very thankful if we can help bring back the neighborhood as it was before - a quiet and safe place for living.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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