Secret Pirate Gold

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Maybe the movies don’t describe the cruelty of the pirates that acutely. Some of them are described as bad, while the acts of the others are more charming than cruel. Anyhow, the young girl Cynthia has felt the cruelty of the pirates on her own skin.It was five years ago when the pirates came into her family home and took all the valuable objects from there. This happenings was something that followed Cynthia her whole life.She lived with this fact all those years but she didn’t like to feel like the pirates are the ones that won. After five years this young lady is on a mission to find the place where the pirates have hidden the stolen gold. She thinks that this will be the most important mission in her life and she feels prepared enough to take the challenge and get her revenge.And how can a regular girl sneak into the pirates’ nest? Of course, if she acts like them and she looks like them, so the first step is dressing up as a pirate.Let’s see how will Cynthia deal with this dangerous situation and will she manage to bring back the family gold.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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