Forbidden Wish

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Esther is in Egypt right now. She had a strong motivation that leaded her there – she has an intention to reveal the complete story about the daughter of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Sneferu. When Ana, the daughter of Sneferu, was 18 years old, she desperately wanted to become an heiress of her father. Considering all the circumstances and her inexperience, her wish was forbidden but also the young Ana was punished for her thoughtless act.It may sound little bit harsh but because of her greed and impatience, the pharaoh Sneferu has decided to give up from his daughter Ana. And not just that, he also left her to live alone with the other poor population, as she wasn\'t a daughter of a pharaoh. However, this step did not make Ana silence. Everywhere she went, to everyone she met; she was telling the story of her life, pointing out that she is the daughter of the famous pharaoh who was expelled from her property.Ester has heard about this unusual story and she really likes to find out if it is true. That\'s why she is in Egypt, willing to find out everything about the pharaoh\'s daughter.

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