Tranquility Treats

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There are different ways people find peace. Some decide to do yoga and long meditations, others simply like to read or walk in nature, and some find peace in conversations with their loved ones. Visiting spa centers is also a great way to find peace. Actually, these places are created just for that, although sometimes they know too much to be commercialized. Anyway, Nicole and Scott are the owners of the new spa center Tranquility. When they created the concept for this place, they wanted to create a perfect place where people could find their peace and tranquility, to be away from all the everyday problems and worries. In fact, the grand opening of the spa center is today, so, Nicole and Scott, together with the people who work there, are making the final preparations for this solemn event. Thinking about how to organize the opening, our owners decide to surprise some of their first guests with special prizes. Let\'s help them with the organization of the event and the opening of their spa center.

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