Moving Gang

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Central city bank was robbed this morning. And when it comes to bank robberies, it is typical that they are performed very carefully. Actually, that is expected, if we have in mind that the banks keep so much money and, consequently, they are one of the most secure places. The robbers who decide to do such an act are usually very experienced and know how to smuggle besides the security. They are also very careful with the traces they leave behind, so the police have hard work finding them.Detective Gary is in charge of discovering the thieves who robbed the Central city bank this morning. He must start the investigation urgently, to gather as much evidence as possible. You know that every criminal case is complicated, and detective Gary will need some help for his mission. We can act like real detectives and help him find the pieces of evidence. Let\'s search the place of the crime scene together and see if we can find something that will help him in the investigation. Who knows, maybe we will be the ones that will find something crucial for the investigation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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