Enigma Crime

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Do you believe that some of the criminals could be real geniuses? When it comes to criminals, the truth is that many of them are being caught very soon after their criminal act. However, there are also completely different cases when it takes years for the police to find out who is responsible for something and there are also cases that stay open forever.We can\'t be sure if some of the criminals were smarter and they managed to perform their acts without leaving any case or simply they had the needed luck, so the police and the investigators did not notice something that was crucial for catching them.Karen is a detective and today she has arrived at the city harbor, the place where has been noticed the boat that belongs to one of the most wanted criminals in the country. For a longer time, no one could guess where this man is but the fact that his boat has mysteriously appeared on the harbor, gives Karen hope that maybe she will be the one that will arrest him and put him behind the bars.

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