Jungle Relics

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Diane and Tyler are two adventurers who love to explore. Their passion constantly takes them to new places, eager to discover new truths and new objects that mean something in a certain context. Sometimes they discover things that have no great significance, but sometimes they witness great discoveries, as in this case. Diane and Tyler have been exploring the jungle for several years, in search of the lost temple of King Tore. This temple is a challenge for site adventurers. On the one hand, the jungle itself is very picturesque and hides all kinds of secrets, but specifically, in this temple, many valuable objects are hidden, but also a huge wealth that has an inestimable value. However, reaching this temple is only a legend, no one knows for sure whether this temple exists or not, until this moment. Today, the location of this temple has finally been found, so Diane and Tyler, together with their friends, are coming to the location. They are very excited that they will have the opportunity to explore this temple for the first time, and we cannot help them in their work. It\'s time to start today\'s adventure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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