Mist of the Swamp

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When we start our day and we go somewhere, we could not know who will we meet or what will stand on our way. Sometimes we have to face something even though we need to get to something that belongs to us. Like facing a dwarf troll that needs to let us pass our way?! Ok, that is not something that we will face but Kayla lives in a completely different world because she is a fairy…let\'s start from the beginning.Kayla is a young fairy that lives near to a mysterious swamp. Every time she goes somewhere and when she needs to get home, Kayla has to pass through this mysterious swamp and pass the mist that surrounds it. This time Kayla meets the dwarf troll Bobby who won\'t leave her pass over the swamp that easy. The dwarf troll Bobby is known for his tasks and riddles so now Kayla will have to finish all those riddles if she likes to get home.The riddles may not be that hard but Kayla could use some help because she doesn\'t like to make any mistake and stay trapped in the swamp forever. Let\'s beat the tricky troll and answer all the riddles that will stand on Kayla\'s way.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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