Precious Porcelain

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Wars are one of the worst things for the humanity. For some, there might be certain benefits like destroying certain regimen or conquering a new territory and expanding the borders of the state but nothing can justify the terror suffered by the civils involved in war. Hiding, leaving homes, separation from the loved ones, but also numerous injuries, blood, even death in every corner!No one deserves to be a witness of such things. Hujan is a 20 years old girl. It was exactly fifteen years ago when the civil war in her district ended up. The war was followed by all the negative consequences that come following each war, so everyone involved in it liked to forget about everything.However, during the war, Hujan\'s grandmother hide six precious porcelain vases in the village where she lived. With intention to find those valuable objects, Hujan arrives in the village together with her brother and the younger sister. They will search every possible place and look for the vases, hoping that the vases will stay in the family, where they actually belong.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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