Moonlight Swamp

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Untamed, weed choked wetlands, shining eyes of alligators and other things slithering through the brush prowling the dark, twisted trees that poke up through the misty murk. Yet, some swamps have outdone themselves, and drawn to them legends and tales that propel them beyond merely creepy places into full blown epicenters of the paranormal and unexplained.One such swamp has long been the origin of stories of shadowy ghosts, voodoo magic, and snarling beasts of the night. Abandoned to terror and mystery for years, the Moonlight Swamp is giving up its secrets as hunters and naturalists have wandered there and never been seen after. It is ruled by the mistress Ellola, an evil witch that has laid a curse on the swamp.Puruel is a beautiful, powerful woman who is a practitioner of magic. She has magical powers, casts spells and removes them. She arrives in the cursed swamp where an eternal night reigns. Puruel wants to remove the curse from the swamp and beat the evil Ellola. She can only do this if she performs all the tasks assigned by Ellola.

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