Barn Renovation

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Grandmother Ruth invited her grandchildren, Julie and Henry to come and visit her in the village where she lives. They go there from time to time, to enjoy the nature and the incredibly fresh air, but this time they are here to help. It is about the old barn that is in grandma\'s Ruth yard, that needs to be renovated. The place might look old, but it definitely has a lot to show.Julie and Henry are searching around the barn and they are surprised by the beautiful old objects that can be found here. This barn has so many objects with sentimental value too, objects that could teach them many things about their family.There are some old pictures, some objects that belonged to their ancestors, and so on. They will have nice time to spend together, recalling the memories and doing something useful at the same time. Let\'s look around at this interesting place and see what is hiding there. At the same time, we could help grandmother Ruth and her grandchildren, Julie and Henry, clean up the place.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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