Holy Relics

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Sometimes things can turn wrong and the reasons for that can be different, sometimes even strange or unknown. However, in those moments it is important to stay calm and try to find out why that happened while sometimes looking for help is the best choice. Priest Joseph and the young girl Emily arrive at the holy temple at the top of the mountain. The reason for that is the accident that befell the inhabitants of their village. Great hatred appeared among the residents of the village and things are not as they used to be before. The priest and Emily see the only salvation from the whole situation in finding sacred objects from this holy temple with which the priest Joseph will try to restore the positive energy in the village. This seems like a very serious and responsible task, so let\'s help the priest Joseph and Emily find those holy relics, so they could save the village. That way people who live there will be able to continue their lives as they were before, peacefully and without any hate or envy.

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