Strange Museum

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Have you ever wondered what are museum exhibits doing at night? Not that they are alive or something, but sometimes it seems that they have their own life, arranged there in a specific way. And what if something really happens there, when everyone goes home?Jacob is a detective for paranormal things. He solves cases that no one else can, specific cases that include paranormal things. Detective Jacob has been called this time by the director of the museum. The director can\'t explain to himself the situation with the museum, that happens there the last few nights. Namely, the same objects are placed in their places every day, but when the night comes, everything changes, so in the morning they can be found in different places around the museum. No one comes to the museum at that time of the day, except the museum keeper, so it is hard to explain what happens there.The two detectives are in the museum, ready to find out the truth. If the situation can\'t be explained rationally, maybe something paranormal happens there, right?

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