Empire of shadows

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This is a very scary and suspicious place - the place that we will see in the following game. It is called Empire of shadows, so you could imagine that something paranormal happens there, something we are not used to seeing every day. When we say shadows, we usually think about ghosts and similar paranormal sights, but is that the case in this Empire? Well yes, it is. We are going back to the time of the brave knights. They were very brave people who worked for the king, often risking their own lives. Our today\'s character is the knight Nicholas. This knight after one hard battle is left alone, without his companions. Is not that he is apprehensive, just that his situation is rather unusual. Nicholas has a task to go back to the other knights, but all of a sudden he arrives in the Empire of the shadows. It is about a very scary place and there are not many people who have managed to go out from there alive. Nicholas feels chills passing through his body but he has to be calm and see what is waiting for him there.

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