Step into Mystery

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It is a fact that even though we might feel as a superior civilization, our Earth was inhabited by people many years ago and those people had their own developed civilization, their own culture, their own way of life. Maybe they didn’t have 5G but they surely had believes or objects that helped them have a high quality life, within the given circumstances.Dorothy, arrives with her old boat at the island that was inhabited by the Malambo tribe years ago. This tribe was known by the believers in their own religion and their own Gods. They also used to give to their Gods a lot of precious gifts, but however, the tribe is not on this island many, many years.Dorothy, who is a great adventurous and always likes to find out something new, is willing to search the whole place, hoping that she will manage to find the precious gifts that the Malambo tribe was given to the Gods.You may imagine what could be found on this island, but will this girl be able to find something that was probably hidden many years ago? Let’s help her and search all around the island together, imagining what can be found here.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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