Caribbean Cruising

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Is there a person who doesn\'t want to travel, who doesn\'t want to see the world around? There are hundreds of tourists guiding lists that place rank the most beautiful places in the world. But, you don\'t have to follow them, off course. You can create your own \'want to go\' list. Traveling gives new perspective to our lives, it makes us happier persons. You meet new places, new people, new cultures. You can travel b car, by bus, by place if you don\'t like the previous ways, and when arriving at a place, cruising is maybe the best way! That comes on your mind when someone mentions Caribbean islands?Beautiful blue seas, splendid vegetation, perfect sunsets... Today game we are placing it exactly on one of the Caribbean islands. Sarah, Karen and captain Donald are situated on the Caribbeans and they begin the cruising through these wonderful islands.Sarah and Karen are tourist guides. They will have to find the adequate objects that they need for this trip, as well as the gifts that at the end of the trip they should give to the tourists. So imagine that you have the chance to cruise for few days and feel the summer breeze, by helping Sarah, Karen and captain Donald.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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