Game of Thieves

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Detective Elenor is on a mission. She works on a case of a robbery, of one of the most famous jewelry stores in the city. While following traces and looking for some pieces of evidence, Elenor realized very soon that it is about professional thieves. Namely, those thieves have prepared a little game for her.They have left few difficult riddles for her. If she succeeds to answers those riddles correctly, she will manage to get into their trace. The thieves that have done this robbery, seem to be very secure in themselves because she hoped and believed that Elenor won\'t be able to answer all the riddles correctly. Probably, they feel protected now, but let\'s see what will happen.We are here to help Elenor find the answers to those riddles and finish this case successfully. We will also do our best and let\'s hope that those thieves weren\'t that smart.We will solve the riddles together, and place those thieves where they belong and that is behind the bars. Detective Elenor will be very thankful if we help her, so let\'s start right away.

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