Land of Silence

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Silence is a scary sound. The silence you hear in the Land of silence is different from the silence of every other abandoned place. This is an abandoned city where an absolute silence reins. Many adventurers come here to find out more about this eerie place. Ranger Arthur, adventurist Terry and the photographer Gloria arrive at the place called the Land of silence to undercover its secrets.The place is dark, cold, abandoned and pretty scary and almost no one wants to come here. And there is great reason for that. Our adventurists are here and they want to discover as much as possible information about this place. The reason behind this is because this place is left with no one around. It was abandoned a long time ago and no one lived to tell why.Close your eyes and really listen to the sounds around you. A lot of the time we can think that we\'re sat in silence but if you really listen we can usually hear some sort of sound. Would you dare to discover the secrets and break the silence once and for all?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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