Evil Eyes

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Meet Nancy. She is a very brave girl that has a gift, something that could be called a super-power because there are not many people in the world, able to do the things that Nancy can do. Namely, Nancy is known for her power to deal with evil ghosts. Everywhere she goes, she offers her help, if anyone needs it.This night Nancy arrives in the house of the famous writer Andrew. Andrew believes that there is a ghost in his house and that this ghost follows him everywhere around. As he makes a step around his house, he thinks that the ghost is right behind him. The writer feels like the evil eyes of the ghost are staring at him every night, while he is working on his latest book. Somehow it might seem like the writer mixes up reality with his fiction. That\'s what some of us may think, but we will find out soon what is the truth.Nancy is ready to face the ghost and do whatever it needs to make go away once for all. That way the writer Andrew will have his peace back, so he could continue working on his book without being interrupted.

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