Deadly Infection

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Margaret arrives at the infected city, a city that has been closed because of the spread on a new disease. And maybe we got accustomed to the fact that this kind of a disease could actually exist but in this case the situation is even more strange. Namely, this disease makes people act like zombies. The situation is completely abnormal and the thing that makes it even harder to deal with is the fact that the disease gets out of control and that happens very fast. Margaret is determined to do everything that she needs to put an end of the process of spreading of this terrible disease.Luckily, she has a friend doctor who told her exactly which are the needed objects, necessary for making the cure that will stop the disease from further spreading. Now it\'s up to Margaret, to take things in her own hands and save the city by putting an end of the zombie invasion. We know that this is something completely new for you, but let\'s help her. Every help is needed in this situation so let\'s start right away!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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