Gates of Fantasy

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Is there any bigger love than the one between two or more siblings? You can have a lot of friends in your life, but the love one gets from a brother or a sister, can\'t be measured to anything. After parental love, the connection between a brother and a sister is something that you can\'t even describe. You go through life, through growing up together and no matter if the characters aren\'t similar and they fight all the time, when they become adults, all of that disappears.For such a great sister – brother support we talk in today game.Together with her friends Patrick and Helen arrive at the place known as the Gates of fantasy, the country where the fairies live and where everything is different than the country we live in. Few days ago, Emma\'s brother was at this place and disappeared. Emma wants to be sure if her brother really was here before he enters in the Gates of fantasy and to start looking him over there. If she wants to be sure that everything is going to be fine, she has to find the personal things and belongings of her brother.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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