Rileys Wanderlust

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Riley is a young adventurist. Her passion to travel and visit new different places, is so big that she travels very often, looking for new challenges and adventures. Riley has been everywhere but there is one place she hasn\'t visited yet. It is about the place where her parents were born. She has been listening about this place for many years, about its beauty and the meaning of the place for her parents.It means a lot for them because in this city they spent some of the best moments of their lives – their childhood and youth. Finally, Riley has decided to visit the place and see if the city still looks like in the stories of her friends. This journey makes her excited because she has a story about most of the places she sees now. Some of them are exactly same as in the stories, whiles other places have changed a bit…Let\'s see together what will find Ridley in the city where her parents were born. This is a good chance for us as well, to visit a place we have never seen before.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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