Show Of Shadows

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Grace and Denise work in the circus Madrigal. They love their job there, love traveling and meeting new people, but they also enjoy the days spent with their colleagues and all the challenges that this job gives. But they never even imagined that they will face a challenge of this type. A paranormal one... The employees in the circus, but especially Grace and Denise, have to face a big problem. Namely, their circus has been possessed by ghosts. Those ghosts have started their own show, named Show of Shadows. You may imagine how weird is that, right? The ghosts are everywhere and do all kinds of trouble. They are scaring the audience, but also the circus performers. The circus is not a safe place anymore, as it was before. Grace and Denise are prepared to do what it takes, to set the circus free from the ghosts. But will this be an easy job? Let\'s take a look at what is happening in the circus and try to help the circus performers turn the circus back as it was before by getting rid of these intruders.

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