Midwinter Moon

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Amanda, Donna and Carol are the last sorceresses in the Polar Pole. You may imagine the weather in this place on Earth, cold, cold and always cold, sometimes extremely cold! The ones that live there are accustomed to the weather but it is always better when the weather doesn\'t surprise them with some big storm, with powerful wind or heavy snowfall. And if people can\'t control the weather conditions, the Gods surely can.Now it is midwinter on the Polar Pole. The three sorceresses wait for this period of the year every year. In this time of the year they perform certain magical rituals, dedicated to the Gods. By pleasing them, they get some kind of a guarantee that the Gods will protect them from natural disasters which is very important under these circumstances, when living in a place ruled by eternal winter.For making those magical rituals, Amanda, Donna and Carol will need certain objects. Approximately, they know where are those objects but they will surely use some help, to find them faster. Let\'s help them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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