Circle of Deception

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The chief detective Frank, together with his assistants, the younger detectives Maria and Tyler, have a new case that needs to be solved. It is about a very delicate case that includes disappearing of a young person. More precisely, a schoolgirl named Heather went missing and they are working on this case.The team of detectives arrives at the school where the missing girl Heather was studying. They will need to search around the school, to find some evidences that could somehow be related to the disappearing of the girl. No-one knows what really happened to that girl; did she run away somewhere; did she leave the city,; did someone kidnap her?! , Their intention is to find out where is she now, but first they will need to find her contacts, to talk with the people that know her and find a starting point for the whole investigation.We could also help chief detective Frank and his assistants, the younger detectives Maria and Tyler, by looking for some evidences and traces that will help them solve the case about the missing girl.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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