Suburban Community

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People that live in the same neighborhood are connected between each other because they share a same place of living. However, some neighborhoods function as small communities. People seem to be that connected that they don\'t allow other people to enter into their community, or at least they don\'t allow them until they are sure that the new people have all the credits to live there.That is something that happens to the three neighbors Michelle, Sharon and Timothy. The three of them live in one of the most elite suburbs in the city and they really enjoy their everyday life there. all the neighbors are similar and they all know the ‘unwritten\' rules of functioning of this community. However, there are new neighbors that don\'t respect the rules of this suburb, so Michelle, Sharon and Timothy suspect that the new neighbors might even be involved into certain criminal actions.And even before the new guys commit their actual crime, the three neighbors break the rules and enter into their house when they are not at home, with intention to find out what is the dedication of the new neighbors.

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