Storm Emergency

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Natural catastrophes are some of the things that can\'t be controlled easily by us, people. Very occasionally it is possible to predict them but that\'s why it is very important to do everything in order to control them. Actually that is the task of the rescue teams consisted of many professionals who work for saving people and stopping bigger material damage that could appear as a consequence of the catastrophe. The fast reaction is usually the key for saving people\'s life including all kinds of goods.Meet Chris and Donna. The two of them are brave members of the rescue team that is responsible for evacuating the city. There is an announcement of a terrible storm that is on its way to the city. The professionals have managed to predict this storm on time so now the recue team helps in the evacuation.Chris and Donna are helping the local citizens to take some of their most important personal belongings before they leave their homes and go to the city shelter. Let\'s help them in this unpleasant situation and make sure everything turns just fine in the end.

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