Circus of the damned

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Circuses are thought to be safe places. That comes naturally, since the kids are the main visitors of these places and everything there is adapted to them. But this game and the action described in it is a proof that not everything can be predicted or controled. The magician Brian has been working in the circus named “Wonder” almost his whole life, or at least until the moment when the circus became obsessed by the ghost of the evil magician Scott. The thing is that Scott has continued doing his tricks even after his death. All the persons that work in the circus have been frightened by Scott’s evil tricks that are following them every day. It is terrible to imagine how could kids react to the evil tricks so the persons who work in the circus have decided the circus to stop working. But the magician Brian doesn’t like to accept this reality. He has come to the circus with intention to bring back the old glow of the circus by beating the evil magician Scott. Let’s help him in his mission and make the circus safe place once again.

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