Sky Detective

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Heather works as a stewardess in one airline company. Everyone considers that she has a really interesting and exciting job because sometimes she wakes up in a different state almost every day. She meets so many new people, she visits numerous new places and she has been on places we have never ever heard about them or thought they really exist. However, there is truth in that but the complete truth is even more exciting.Namely, no one knows that Heather\'s work is just a mask that she uses to hide her real profession. There are some jobs that need to be done undercover and as a matter of fact, Heather is actually an undercover detective. She travels every day in a different destination and stops serious accidents to happen in the airplanes. That includes stopping things like plain kidnapping, drugs smuggling or even terrorist attacks.In this case Heather has a task to check out in details if everything is all right with the plane, before the flight. She also has to check out the passengers\' baggage which means a lot of job. Let\'s help Heather.

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