Precious Moments

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Christina, together with her partner Nathan, have decided to spend this wonderful day somewhere in nature, on a picnic. Christina likes the nature so much, so she takes those moments with Nathan as something precious, something that she likes to do most. And this visit of the nature, as every other moment they spend there, turns into something new and special.Sometimes it is about the chosen place, sometimes it is about the way they organize the time spend there… This time Christina likes to surprise Nathan with something very interesting. Namely, there is a place with grown vegetables, near the place where she and Nathan make the picnic.Christina would like to make a tasty salad, using the vegetables that grow near. First, she has to find all the vegetables and for that she could use some help. Let’s check out this interesting place and find enough vegetables so Christina could make a beautiful and healthy salad. We are sure that you will also enjoy your stay in nature, right? Let’s have fun.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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