Old District

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Memories, good or bad, play a huge role in our lives, especially the ones that we have from our childhood. Maybe we don\'t remember those things in detail, but we remember the emotion that followed those happenings and made us be what we are now. After а few years, Laura decides to come back to the neighborhood where she grew up. This neighborhood is located in the old, central part of the city and it is a very interesting and unique place. But for Laura, it\'s not just about that. She is connected to this place with many things and she has a lot of memories about that place. Laura is very excited that she comes back to her old neighborhood and the place where she grew up after so much time. She hardly waits to see every location that she keeps in her memory and to make a comparison if something is still the same, or everything has changed under the pressure of time. We could also take a look at Laura\'s old neighborhood and see what can be found in this place. We can also take a sneak and find out what kind of memories relate Laura to the old district.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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