Grounded Flight

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Airplane flights are usually controlled well. Before every flight, security takes care of everything to be in the right order, to avoid any unpleasant situation while we are in the air. But that doesn\'t mean that they are always capable of controlling everything. Even though there are many controls at the airport, different types of criminals manage to complete their plans.This time the detectives Marie and Bobby are on a special and very dangerous mission. Namely, one of the flights was grounded because it was carrying a valuable collection of Roman-era gold coins. The detectives, together with the stewardess Theresa, have a task to find the gold coins and find out who is responsible for the smuggling. The stewardess knows everything about the flight and the plane, so she will help the detectives to catch the right track and search for the evidence. It is quite sure that the smugglers are not easy to notice, they are well prepared, that is for sure, but the detectives will give their efforts and find them.

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