New Years Eve Tradition

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It is for sure that almost all people love the New Year. There is something special about this time of the year, when we say good bye to the last year and we welcome the New Year, full of hope and expectation about better tomorrow. As metaphor for good year, we celebrate the beginning of the year. Many of us believe that if we have a good celebration of the New Year, the whole year will be good and that\'s why the New Year\'s Eve is planned earlier. We decorate our homes, our workspace, our yards...all of that in order to prepare a festive atmosphere.Betty also enjoys the preparations for the New Year\'s Eve. She has decided to spend this New Year at home, together with her closest relatives. That is actually one very important tradition and she doesn\'t like to stop. But still there is one more thing that needs to be done and now seems that there are certain obstacles on the way... Namely, the objects that are used for decorating the home each year are hidden somewhere in the house. The thing is that they use those objects once in a year, so they like to put them on a place where they won\'t bother them every day. Now it\'s the time when they have to find the objects and prepare for the New Year.Betty gets the needed help from her parents and they search together for the necessary objects. Also they will help her prepare the New Year\'s specialties and after that, the celebration may begin.

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