Undercover Justice

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Even though the policemen should be the ones who help bring justice, there are some persons, even between them, who try to take advantage from their positions. They are corrupted and play on both sides, without appreciation of their position. Detective David is on a mission to discover the corrupted policemen in the small police station that is located in the city Gerwel, on the west side of the country. The detective has come here without telling anyone, and he is on a undercover mission, trying to find out something about this case. He will do his best, to find out if those accusations are real, is this policeman really corrupted or not. For that purpose, let\'s help the detective find the needed evidences that will put this man behind the bars once and for all. The detective works undercover, which means that he is somehow protected, but still he needs our help. Don\'t waste your time just like that, bur start searching right away. Every help is welcomed, so let\'s start right now.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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