Family Surprise

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Everyone wants to be happy, to get the adequate attention from closest people, no matter if that is the partner, the spouse, the friend or the inevitable parents. But, when we don\'t get enough of that, oops there is a problem. We feel frustrated, unhappy, searching for that love and attention on some other place. Very little we need to be happy, but sometimes that little i a lot, said some smart guy.If we try not to forget to make our close people happier, than more people will be beloved and happy. And sometimes a good word is enough, a flower is enough or nice smile at your face.Sometimes we are not even aware that we are mistaking something and not doing the good thing to the ones we love. Alan is planing to surprise his wife. The occasion is her fiftieth birthday. He has engaged the whole family for the plan to achieve. Alan, Gloria\'s wife is on business trip and doesn\'t have a slightest idea what is going on at home. Alan admits that int he last years he hasn\'t paid too much attention to his wife\'s birthdays. Now he wants to correct that mistake. Let\'s help Alan in the family surprise.

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