Mysterious Tram

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Elizabeth, Emily and Steven were the last passengers for today, in the tram number 45. It was a regular day, like every other day, and the three of them were coming home after a long day at work. They use this tram on regular basis and there wasn\'t anything strange about the ride, at least until now... They were driving in the tram when suddenly they noticed a strange light coming into the vehicle.The light was strange but the thing that followed this light was even stranger. Namely, this strange light took Elizabeth, Emily and Steven back in time. They got back in the past and everything is different from now. Everything is new and it seems very interesting but at the same time, this is something that upsets them because they have to go back in the present time but they don\'t know how.The three passengers who turned into time passengers, thanks to this mystery train, have to find a way how to escape this unusual situation and come back where they actually belong and that is in the present time.

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