Ghost Tailor

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Lauren is a professional photographer. She has been working in this profession for a long time and enjoys it. She is happy that she has the chance to be creative and constantly creates small works of art from her photographs. Lauren has worked on countless photography projects, and she didn\'t feel that there could be any threat, when it comes to her profession, until this unexpected moment... Namely, a few days ago, she was doing a photo session of the latest clothing models in a fashion studio. The models were perfect for collaboration, the fashion line was the same, and it was woven incredibly professionally, it was an unexpected moment. In one picture, Lauren noticed a silhouette of the dresser making a hole in the back of the curtain. She knows that tailors are not present at the photo session and that\'s why she was surprised by this phenomenon. She is convinced that it is a ghost story, but she wants to make sure that it is so. She returns in late hours to the fashion studio, hoping to discover the mystery of the photograph.

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