The Biggest Romance

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Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe that butterflies can come when a person enters in a room and leaves you without text? This is common script on movies and all the romantic souls love to enjoy them. Even if hasn\'t happen to you ever in your life, why not trying to believe it is possible? They say the first impression never lies us.Do you remember the first childish love? Maybe you were in kinder garden or at school? It is extra exciting when you get the chance years and years later to meet that person again. Then memories simply burst out. Susan is about to experience the greatest romantic in her life. She arrives in a small European town where she should find the love of her life Robert.They met few months ago on their year vacation and fell in love at first sight. After being apart for few months now Robert invites Susan in her birth town in Europe. Susan is excited in this place. It is weekend time, we all try to relax a bit. There is nothing wrong in being a little bit in a romantic mood, isn\'t it?

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