Vintage Vault

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When you have some things that you don\'t want to have anymore and you simply don\'t want to throw them away, why don\'t try to take the best of them and earn some dollar? Off course that no one expects that you can refund all the money that you spent when getting the thing completely new, but why losing it all? That is to be rational, nothing more.And if you want to be even greater human, you can give a gift to someone you know or you don\'t even have to know. One never knows what might find in the bunch of old objects and don\'t ever underestimate the power of these old bazaars or garage sales.With a big dilemma is the lady that we represent in today\'s game. Barbara arrives on a very important and worthy garage sale. She knows that here, in the bunch of objects, there are a lot of worthy old objects. Barbara has arrived with her friend (that is our player) who has to help her find the expensive objects. You may not be a fan of a garage sale, but be fair player and give Barbara a chance to find what she is looking for.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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