Pumpkin Fest

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Halloween is one of the most interesting holidays for the kids. All that dressing into some scary or interesting characters, the process of carving the pumpkins, then trick or treating, ans so, makes kids feel amused and very happy. They hardly wait those days to come and start the preparation, investing a lot of love and energy in all of that. Jason, together with Bruce and their son Noah, every year few days before Halloween, organize so-called Pumpkin Fest in their yard. That’s what makes Halloween so special for this family. Also, Jean’s family was planting and selling pumpkins since forever, so they use this time of the year to sell as many pumpkins as possible. Pumpkin Fest is about to start in few hours. All the members of the family are occupied with decorating and preparing the yard for the festival but since they have so much job to do, it will be very nice if we could help them and decrease the stress because every organization asks for a lot of work. Many people will come so everything needs to be perfect.

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