Accidental Discovery

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Evelyn is a type of person that enjoys nature. Most of all, she likes to use the sunny weather to go for a walk somewhere outdoor. That is something that feels her up with energy and strength. Luckily, she lives in a neighborhood that is located near to this kind of a place. Evelyn uses every chance to discover a new path in the forest that is actually located very near to her home. She walks there very often, always finding something new and interesting.Today, out of nowhere, Evelyn discovers a small abandoned fishermen’s settlement. This seems to be a very interesting place, so Evelyn uses this walk to explore this settlement in details and find out what was going on here before. She likes to learn something more about the people who lived there, but also, she likes to enjoy while exploring the interesting buildings, mostly adapted for the lives of the fishermen.This will be a great walk for us too, so let’s take advantage of Evelin’s accidental discovery and feel the spirit of the wonderful fisherman’s village.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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