Digital Ransom

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You have probably wondered how banks deal with all those transactions and all those money that come in and out. Well the cash is kept safe in those safes, then there is the security team while the other part is controlled by carefully developed IT system. But sometimes, this system can be attacked by other skilled professionals that work on the “bad side” and like to take advantage from something that is not supposed to be their job... yes, we are talking about hackers who use their skills to get something that doesn’t belong to them.The banks all over the country deal with something that has interrupted their systems and threaten their work. Actually, a dangerous hacking group has infiltrated the banks all over the country. They are asking for large sums of money as ransom or else they will wreak havoc in the bank\'s internal systems. Three detectives are set to work on this specific case. It\'s up to detectives Jane, Micheal and James to find a way and stop the hackers from causing any more damage.

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