Empty and Dangerous

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Betty’s grandfather lived in a very beautiful house, at least for her. She always loved this house, she loved spending some time there and so but after her grandfather passed away, things seem to get changed. Namely, now this house is very old and abandoned.No one lives there anymore and no one from Betty’s family likes to live there because they all believe that this house has been possessed by ghosts, for a longer time. They are all frightened by the thought that some supernatural creature could appear here, so they avoid going there.On the other hand, Betty still adores the old grandfather’s house. She still thinks it is a very beautiful house and even though there might be some ghosts, Betty doesn’t like to leave the house to them. She has decided that it is best to expel the ghosts from the house, once for all, so everything could go back to normal. Now she arrives at the house that once belonged to her grandfather, prepared to do whatever it takes to bring peace to this house and bring peace to everyone in her family.

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