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Marwin is one of the most popular TV personalities in the country. Today he is looking for a partner colleague for his sunday show. You our dear player are our potential new TV star. And you need to pass Marwin\'s test. We promise that it is not going to be a difficult challange and you will enjoy this. Why don\'t try to be famous in a day? According to Marwin each person who wants to be a TV face needs to know some things like common culture connected to film, music, theatre.These are not only Marwin\' recommandations, but the media rules say the same. One can\'t be successful media personality if doesn\'t know more about culture, history, education. Because during the working experience showman will meet different people, all kinds of proffessions and the journalist must be aware of the field the guest is specialized.It is an interesting challange isn\'t it? Maybe you will be inspired to try real TV show? Good.luck with Marwin and try to.fulfill his expectations!

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