Secret Discovery

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Lori and Mason are adventurers who love traveling and discovering new things. They like to visit places that were never visited before and get the truth about those places. Some of the new places are just ordinary places that weren\'t discovered before for no reason, while other places are places that hide certain secrets. And all of that is just fine for Lori and Mason, as long as they enjoy the adventure of discovering new things. This time the adventurers Lori and Mason were walking through the woods when they found something very interesting and unique. They were deep in the woods when they saw a property from the Middle century. And if this place wasn\'t discovered before, it wouldn\'t be in such a good condition as now. The property is perfectly preserved, as it belongs to our age. Lori and Mason decide to stay in the woods as long as they need, just to explore this unusual place and discover what is hiding there. Is this really an old place, or maybe it is built authentically as in the middle age?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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